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Do you feel like you’re being left out in group conversations? Do you have to regularly ask people to repeat themselves? Do others tell you that your TV is too loud? There are underlying reasons for these and other issues you may be experiencing. At Personal Hearing Centers, we can help.
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We Can Help

David Goodyear, Hearing Instrument Specialist and owner of Personal Hearing Centers, will provide a complimentary hearing evaluation to determine your needs. Your case history may reveal such things as buzzing in your ears, muffled hearing, trouble hearing women, and children, or even having trouble hearing over the telephone. After this; Your complimentary hearing evaluation will check for degree and type of hearing loss. Only then can we begin the conversation about how to best address your needs.

Age is Not a Factor

Hearing loss can occur at any age, for a number of reasons such as ongoing exposure to loud sounds without hearing protection, illness, or injury. Don’t ignore the signs because you think you’re too young.

Top Four Warning Signs of Hear Loss

1. People Sounding like they are mumbling or not speaking clearly
2. People telling you that you have the radio or TV to loud
3. You hear conversations loud enough, but don’t always understand the words
4. Having difficulty understanding conversations in the presence of background noise
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