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Bulky Hearing Aids? Not Anymore!

Hearing aids are now much less noticeable than they once were. We carry four styles, one of which is sure to feel good and work well for you.

Behind the Ear Hearing Aids - St. Joseph, MI


You may have seen hearing aids that have an earpiece fitted into the ear with a curved case that is placed behind the ear. The case contains the wiring and circuitry. These are much sleeker than they used to be. Generally, these are used in cases of profound hearing loss, as they provide the strongest enhancement to hearing.

In Ear Hearing Aids - St. Joseph, MI


These hearing aids fit into the outer ear shell. Full or half shell models are custom created for comfort. They are similar in feeling to earbuds that are fitted to your ear. People with mild to severe hearing loss can benefit from this style.

In-the-Canal Hearing Aids - St. Joseph, MI


Another custom mold is used to create this type of device. Rather than sitting just in the external shell of the ear, this aid fits partly into the ear canal. Used for mild to moderate hearing loss, these are less visible than the other styles.

Completely-in-Canal Hearing Aids - St. Joseph, MI


The smallest and least noticeable hearing aid is custom molded to fit directly in the ear canal. It is most often preferred by those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Never change batteries again!

One often-heard complaint with hearing aids is the need to change batteries every three to ten days. The changing isn’t the issue. It’s purchasing pricey batteries. The Phonak rechargeable hearing aid has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides 24 hours of hearing with a three-hour charge. It also has a fast-charge option for a 30-minute charge, equaling six hours of use. At present, it is only available in over-the-ear styles, but in dozens of colors depending upon model.

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