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Comprehensive Hearing Services

Personal Hearing Centers offers everything you need for evaluation of your hearing and obtaining the appropriate hearing aid.

Patient Education - St. Joseph, MI

Patient Education

Rather than just give you a test and hand you a device, we like to provide you with an explanation and education about your hearing and hearing loss. We make sure you fully understand the details before moving forward.

Audiometric Testing - St. Joseph, MI

Audiometric Testing

To assess your hearing, an audiometric test will be given. This entails sitting in a soundproof booth with headphones on or earpieces inserted. David Goodyear will send a range of audio tones to each ear. When you hear a tone, you will indicate that you have heard it. This test provides us with the necessary information to determine whether you have hearing loss and to what degree.

Hearing Aids - St. Joseph, MI

Hearing Aid Choice

After testing, if it is determined that you have hearing loss, we will discuss your choices for hearing aids. We take all of your thoughts into account and objectively choose an appropriate hearing system with you. We offer a 30-day trial period with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


We follow up with our patients to ensure they understand how to use their new hearing system and are using it regularly. We also want to know if it is benefiting the patient and what differences they notice.


Hearing aid technology has advanced steadily through the years. At times, the device will require reprogramming if it is not working properly. We are happy to provide this for all brands.


As a factory-authorized repair center, we provide repairs for all makes of hearing devices. 

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